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ESHI structural commenced operations effectively from july 2014 aiming to etch itself in the history books as one of the foremost contributors in the field of structural design Eshi offers essential structural design for today's creative concept in the architectural design. We have a team of energetic & enthusiastic personnel with apt knowledge to craft structural design for various constructional projects. Our areas of expertise include residential apartments, commercial, industrial, public, and environmental projects .

ESHI structure has completed project design based on indian as well as international codes of practice. Eshi structure has independently completed or is in the process of completing analysis designing and detailing. Eshi is now poised to contribute its design engineering expertise to the development of modern lifestyle projects coming in and around the world. Our working system offers consultancy services with the involvement of the customer in order to select the optimum design solutions. We provide both practical as well as innovative design solution using advanced analysis and design system. We provide complete structural engineering service for all type of structures. We are capable and have served a wide range of client in short period such as contractors, industries, plant manager, developers, and architects. We boast ourselves in providing competitive pricing; however our success has been built on quality rather than price. We take pride in the continuing healthy relationship with our client and go out of our way to be pro-active member of the design team.

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Other additional reasons on why eshi structures is the best for you:

  • Soil Test - Our atmost concern is for safety of the structures and we prioritize it as much as other structural designers in this field if not more than them. A soil test is mandatory for any construction. Based on the outcome of the soil test we design the structure accordingly.
  • Structural design - We have put in a great deal of effort in our structural design that is done in accordance with the soil test report and seismic zone classification. We commit to deliver your requirements within a definite time frame, which was agreed aforementioned without unwarranted delays.
  • Quality principle - We deliver high quality design concept with 0% compromise on safety, as it's our foremost priority. Eshi is dedicated to creating structures of the highest quality, which is ensured through established standards and measurements. The level of quality at eshi exceeds our client's expectations.

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